Khosiyat Rustamova

Olmos, Namangan, Uzbekistan


She studied at the Journalism Faculty of the National University of Uzbekistan (1988-1993 and at the University of Higher Literature (2001-2004).
Serving as editor-in-chief of the "World of the book" newspaper in 2015.
The poetry  books which published by Khosiyat Rustamova:
“Osmondagi  uy” – “The house in the sky” (1997)
“Najot” – “Rescue” (2003)
“Rido” – “The mantle” (2004)
“Devor” – “A Wall” (2006)
“Avgust” – “August” (2008)
“Ishg’ol” – “Occupation”  (2011)
“40:0” – “40:0” (2011)


And Khosiyat Rustamova’s several  poetry books were published in foreign languages and  in other countries:
“Ertasi yo’q kunlar” –
“The days without tomorrow” Published in Turkey. Translated by into Turkish language Bashir Oksuz  (2008)
“Qorxunç” –
“Fear”  Published in Azerbaijan. Translated by into Azerbaijani Resmiya Sabir. (2009)
And published again in Kazakhstan, Colombia, Russia, USA and other countries in Kazakh, Spanish, Russian, English, Deutsch and etc.

The poetess  won the International Mikail Mushfiq Award in 2015 in Azerbaijan.


Khosiyat Rustamova participated in several international poetry festivals and one became winner in the international poetry festival in Thailand in 2018 for her creativity.


She has translated as a translator Marina Tsvetaeva, Eugene Eutushenko, Anna Akhmatova, Boris Pasternak, Rasmiye Sobir, Ramiz Rovshen, Nigar Refibeyli, Rza Khalil, Neguib Fazil Kisakurak, Khusnu Daglarja and alot of Russian, Turkish Azerbaijani  poets’ poems  from Russian, Azerbaijani and Turkish into Uzbek language.


Khosiyat Rustamova was awarded with "Shukhrat" – “Fame” medal in 2004