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Alisa Whyte

About Alisa Whyte 
Certified Master Life Coach
Motivational Speaker
Leadership Consultant 
Inspiring Ambitious Game Changers to Create their Abundant Life by
Connecting with their True Values, Core Beliefs, and Authentic voice.
Believe it, Pursue it!
Alisa Whyte is the Founder, President, and Chief Empowerment Officer of Fulfillment Empowerment Network, LLC.
Alisa is a Certified Master Life Coach, International Motivational Speaker, and a bonified John Maxwell Leadership Consultant.
Alisa is passionate about seeing individuals living authentically in their purpose.  Alisa’s personal mission is to help individuals overcome self-limiting beliefs to improve their relationships, discover their purpose, and lead a life of fulfillment.
Alisa’s professional career has summed over 22 years as a passionate educator, government non-profit business leader, operations manager, and multi-passionate entrepreneur. Alisa started her own tutoring center at age seventeen, launched several businesses, and helped many individuals and institutions with startups. Alisa became a certified speaker, coach, and trainer with the John Maxwell Team, and she has been on fire helping individuals transform their lives and careers.
At the core of Alisa’s Work, she is dedicated to serving individuals who are courageously committed to breaking through their fears and limiting beliefs but feel stuck in repeated cycles that limit their grasp on a life of purpose and fulfillment. Through breakthrough purpose coaching, Alisa helps her clients and participants delve within their authentic self to uncover their true values and core beliefs which empowers them to create the relationships, career, and life they passionately desire.