Waheed Musah

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Honourable Doctor Waheed Musah creatively Known as Hafrikan Prince is one of Africa’s finest Multi awards winning Ark of Art. He has distinguished himself uniquely in the Performing Art, Literary Art, and leadership as an upstanding, healing and promising Brand. He is very intelligent, fast, creative, and innovative in solving, planning, structuring, strategizing and directing to meet effective and measurable performances and development in any field or services that needs urgent executive execution.  Waheed Musah (Hafrikan Prince) is the founder and CEO of Hafrikan Prince Art World (HPAW) - (is a Hub for Art and culture lovers. Hafrikan Prince Art World is purely organic and stands to discover new and different forms Art to expand the Art industry and also using the Art to promote Self-consciousness, Awareness, Peace, Love, Tolerance, Unity, Literary Art, Creative Art, Spiritual Art to heal humanity and also to promote culture of moral values and discipline for the recreation of creation. “Art Beyond Act” as the motto of the organization is to provide art and culture lovers with sensational arks of art. We believe Art is realistic perception of realism that can reform and reestablish the mechanisms of consciousness which can result and replace Societal Disciplines, Moral Attitude, Social Tolerance, Political Sustainability, Religious Unity, Cultural Preservation and Purification of humanity against Racism, War, Humiliation, Abuses, Nuclear Weapons, Global warming, Corruption, Aids and other forms of deadly diseases which are making humanity unsafe.) Hafrikan Prince Art World is a unique organization with the sense of transforming humanity through Art. The Headquarters is in Ghana (West Africa). Hafrikan Prince Art World has branches in 45 countries in the world. Working very hard, to reach all countries in the world in order to enable the organization spread her gospels of social, political and economic sustainability. The organization stands to promote Global Discipline, Unification, Moral Values, Ethics and Good life system through Art which has really attracted a lot of people around the globe. The ambition of the organization is to restore sanity in our society. HPAW is working very hard with her capable executives and Ambassadors globally in order to achieve her noble vision for the betterment, peacefulness and transformation of humanity. And Go Kurative Africa- GOKA (An organization centered on collectively using creativity and entrepreneur skill to transform lives).

Dr. Waheed Musah is a Sensational Speaker, Writer, Poet, Performer, Strategist, Project Planner, Life Coach, Teacher, Dramatist, Cultural and Global Peace Activist, extremely innovative and talented in the field of promoting Global Art and Culture. Motivating and empowering the young generations to stick to their valuable culture and tradition for the sustainability Moral values, and social discipline. He stand to use Art and Culture as a channel to conscientize the World about the need to preserve one’s culture, as a mean of growth and development Especially, using art to educate, entertain and motivate the world on serious issues like: The merits of cultural preservation, unification, patriotism, peace, humanitarian, volunteerism and also the dangers of corruption, poverty, and political instability, racism and above all empowering and inspiring the youth to harness their creative talents. He has performed along with a lot of renowned poets and writers like Professor Atukwei Okai, Professor Lade Wosornu, Baba Musah, Professor Gheysika Agambila, Nana Kwasi Gyan- Apenteng, and Professor Esi Sutherland for inspirations. His stage performance has also brought him close to legends and renowned writers, poets and authors all around the world; which have become the fuel that spurs him on to a greater height. H.E Dr. Amb. Waheed Musah was born in Nigeria on 3 October 1992 to Ghanaian parent who were living in logos. He had his elementary education in Lagos and later moved back to Ghana with his parents in 2000 where he completed his basic education and proceeded to Walewale Senior High School in 2009 to read General Science and completed in 2013. While in School he was the Science President, Food Committee President, and Assistance Class Captain. He founded the School’s first Poetry Club and directed the drama club. Since then he had been teaching in a private school called Citizens International School Science and ICT from 2013-2014 while he was with his father in that school, he helped him in writing poems for the school children through his inspirations. Earlier on his father used to give him epic poems to recite during public educational programs, from then he became hooked to poetry which gave him the solid foundations and motivations to activate his own creative capabilities. In the school he was the teacher in charge of Creative Art and Science exhibition. He directed and facilitated a lot of Art and Science exhibited of the science. In the Art – poetry, drama, dancing, play, storytelling, and craft. In the science – He facilitated and directed the contraction of a Wood and Paper Moving Big Helicopter, Boat and a Life jacket, making the School one of the best Art and Science School in Ghana.  He later moved to Kumasi, the second largest city in Ghana where he came into contact with Mr. Adjei Agyei-Baah (the co-founder of Poetry Foundation Ghana and Africa Haiku Network, a multi-award winning poet) who helped educate and edited his early poems and who later became a brother, friend and teacher to him. In the same city he taught Science and Mathematics in the New Generation International School from 2014-2015.He then later moved to Accra where he is currently staying. And at the Capital, Accra where he came into contact with many other poets like Professor Atukwei Okai, Professor Lade Wosornu, Mrs. Araba Taylor, Nana Kwasi Gyan-Apentang, Professor Ghysika Agambila, Sir Black, Nana Asaase, Chief Momeen, Nii Oswald Okaitey,Ryme Sonny and many more. All from the family of Ghana Writers Association and Pan African Writers Association of Ghana. He is also a Pentasi B World featured poet Featured poet for India Poetry festival 2016 and also a trust member. He love reading and writing a lot.

He represented Ghana at the International Peace Conference in Nigeria with Honourable Doctor Rashid Pelpuo (former Minister of youth & sport, Tourism and minister of Ghana) on 1st Feb. 2018 organized by World Institute for peace Nigeria, Osun State. He again represents Ghana at the 1st national Conference organized by the Pan Africa Federalist Movement Nigeria on 23rd February, 2018 at Adeyemi Collage of Education, Ondo State.  He has worked with countless organizations voluntarily in the execution of strategic plans, innovative events, implementation of ideas in order to achieve target vision and mission.


He has supported a lot of young people to discover and nurture their god given talents.    



Achievements & Recognition  



ü  Best Most Influential Global Tourism Ambassador 2018

ü  Peace Ambassador - Human Right & Crime Indigence Force (HRC&CIF) 2018

ü  PAFM Poetry Ambassador 2018 Nigeria

ü  Awarded Certificate of Merit For Peace Mission in Togo - 2018.

ü  Honorary member of the editorial board of Sahitya in india – 2018

ü  Noble personality 2018 from Tunisia

ü  Art Icon 2018 from Tunisia

ü  Best Humanitarian Personality for the year 2017 in Nigeria (One People, One Nigeria conference) 2018 

ü  Appointed Administrator by Word Institute for Peace in Nigeria 2018.

ü  Appointed member of advisory Board of VishWabharati Research Centre in India – 2018 

ü  Executive committee member of The Literati English Magazine 2018

ü  P.R.O & Deputy Secretary of The Literati English magazine 2018  

ü  Appointed President of Zaria Youth Empowerment (ZYE) Nigeria 2018

ü  World Humanitarian organization for peace and equity awardee 2018 Nigeria

ü  Titled “GASTALDO OF THE WORLD UNION OF POETS –INTERNATIONAL DIRECTOR OF THE W.U.P” (Level of 200 level on 25 of the W.U.P with ‘’1 gold star on the rainbow of peace of the W.U.P and new CORRDINATOR (IN TRAIL) OF ‘’AFRICA “(AFRICA UNION OF POETS OF THE WORLD UNION OF POETS).

ü  On behalf of 230,000+ Poets and Writers of the World Union of Poets, residents in all states of the planet, he was conferred (WUP) World Union of Poets President for the whole of Africa, The ‘CROSS OF PEACE OF THE WORLD UNION OF POETS” (INTERNATIONAL AWARD FOR PEACE OF THE WORLD UNION OF POETS).

ü  ‘’BEST COORDINATOR OF THE WORLD UNION OF POETS IN THE WORLD FOR THE YEAR 2017” and also conferred on him the highest cross of the coordinators of the world union of poets the “PLANTINUM CROSS OF THE COORDINATORS OF THE WORLD UNION OF POETS” highest merits.


ü  The 5 star golden general of the world - 2017

ü  WUP Platinum winner -2017

ü  First Ghanaian to be appointed WUP president for Africa from Italy 2017

ü  Frist Ghanaian to also be appointed WUP General Counsel Of the world from Italy 2017

ü  40 under 40 Young achievers award nominee 2017 under the category of theater and art  

ü  WUP international peace awardee 2017

ü  Peace ambassador from Nigeria World Institute of Peace (WIP)

ü  WNWU Pride of the Globe 2017 and world celebrated icon 2017 in Kazakhstan  

ü  Honourable member of Ghana Poets Association INTERNATIONAL DIRECTOR OF THE WORLD UNION OF POET

ü  Poetic Silver winner  2017

ü  Featured celebrated poet in India 2017 poetry festival

ü  Pentasi B World featured poet 2016 in Africa and 2017 in India

ü  Captured in the speeches and press release of most influential personalities in the world

ü  The most influential talked out poet in the world

ü  Most featured TV and Radio Personality

And has gained a lot of international interviews

ü  Has worked with countless professors, Ministers, international coordinators, directors in the structure, strategic, events and projects. Local and international  

ü  International poetry and Arts festival 7th Women Scream certificate awardee for his fight and promotion as a gender advocate by the president of Ghana writers association who is also the media commissioner of Ghana.

ü  Honored in yeji by citizen international school with certification for the promotion of literary Art in schools and in the district.