Swapna Behera

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Odisha, India
A bilingual contemporary poet, author, educationist, translator, social worker and editor from Odisha, India.
Her stories, poems and articles are widely published in Newspapers, International journals, magazines, Anthologies and ezines and translated in different languages .  
She is  a post graduate in History with a Bachelor’s degree in Education.(M.A.BED)
Besides, as a teacher for over three decades at the Mont Fort School1984-1995 and Kendriya Vidyalayas1995-2015 , she has received several outstanding recognitions for teaching excellence  . She retired as a teacher from Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan ,An Autonomous  body Under  Ministry of  Human Resource Development  ,Government of India in July 2015.


She was  a trained teacher in substance Abuse Prevention Education.
She has presented her paper on The Responsibility of Religions for a humane world in the National Seminar on World Religions for a humane world ; A step towards Inter Religious Dialogue on24-25 .2 .2017 in Patkai Nagaland.


Resource person in the Lok Mahotsav  Sambalpur and presented  a paper on Indigenous Knowledge of the people of Western Odisha in 2001


She was the YUVA JAGAT artist of All India Radio Cuttack .
She was the  Judge of the interanational INT’L Essay Competition,Nigeria 2017.
She has taken an active part in the KINDLING THE KINDNESS PROGRAMME in the flood affected  Ebion Public School of Mazuli ,the worlds largest Island .


Her poems are published in the Inter National Anthologies " Tomb Of Words" from America , "TimeLess Love ",Lang Lit", “Hung On the Cross" “Creative corner”, ”The Poetry Wall”, ”My Sweetest Love”, Diff Truth, “Voices of Humanity”, ”Rock Peebles”, Lang Lit , Amarvati InterNational Multilingual Anthology 2016,InterNational Multilingual Poetry Anthology of women Poets [Women wit&Wisdom, Indifaring Muse, Heart Heart, Complexion Based Discrimination, Symphony of Peace, Pravati Tara, Chanakya in Hndi, Veena in Hindi, Yugashee Yuganaree, Sucharita and in several newspapers. She is the winner of the poetry competitions of Spring the season of love  Anthology.


Her poems are published in Her poems are translated in Albanian ,I talian, Arabic and many other languages.
At present she is the
Chief Editor, of Philosophique Poetica (De-Aanand),
Manager at Large , Planner and columntist of “The Literati’’
Editor of Rhythmic Rhyme Anthology
Admn of several poetic groups and  associated with many socio-educative works.
She has penned FOUR  books .
1.Batikhunta o Mu (Short story collection In Odia)
2.Beyond the Galaxy( Poem collection in English)
3.Pherile Tumar ( Poem collection in Odia)
4 The Inner Voice , translation of Dr Ved Prakash Sharma”S Poems  from Hindi to English(in press )


Awards Received
1.Ambassador of Humanity by Hafrican Prince Art World ,Africa 2018 in the service of promoting the humanity.
2.National Director ,Ambassador of  Social ,Cultural, Arts, Sports, Theatre,FilmCells by Human Rights Council&Crime Intelligence Force 2018
3.World Icon of Peace Award from World Institute For Peace,Nigeria in2017.
4.Distinguished Service award  by Muse for Peace Foundation 2017 from Nigeria.
5. The Pentasi B world Featured Poet ,2017
6.The Enchanting Muse Award  in Pentasy India World Poetree Festival 2017 
7. Prestigious International Poesis Award of Honor  at the 2nd as a Jury Member at the 2nd Bharat Award for Literature (an International Short Story Competition)2015
8.Received the Certificate of Excellence from YayatiMohan GGandhi Inter National Poetry Festival 2016
9. Sahityashree Samman by National FaceBook Kabita Sangam 2016 .
10.A recipient of the Pravtitara Pratibha Samman by Utkal Christian Sahitya Parishad,