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Sunita Paul

Kolkata, India
A poet, novelist, short story writer, painter, graphic designer and motivational speaker Sunita Paul resides in Kolkata, India. She is widely published and anthologized author from USA, India. 
 She is blessed with multidimensional personality.


Sunita is working as the publishing executive in Vishwabharati Research Centre, Maharashtra, India. She is the Managing Editor of Sahitya Anand, an international recognized Ugc approved literary journal. 
Sunita had worked with Wildfire International Publishing House, Colorado, USA in the past 


Sunita is the recipient of the prestigious Literary Nobel Laureate of the year 2017 conferred by the World Nations Writer's Organization , Kazakhstan. She is the Administrative persona in the World Institute Of Peace, Nigeria. Recently she is selected as the board of directors of . She is also the ambassador of peace in the Human Rights Council and Crime Intelligence Force.Sunita is also conferred the Ambassador of peace and humanity, and is the chosen manager of the international peace organization HPWA.
Sunita is the editor of many anthologies of international repute, to name
Sunita has several books published in the USA and INDIA. She has been published in different anthologies and websites, blogs, e zines. 
Sunita had been a columnist in some magazines where her articles were regularly featured. 
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Inked with love:- First solo poetry book oF Sunita published in the USA, is a collection of poems where she reveals her creativity to the world. 
Surprising Strokes: Sometimes … Somewhere … is the bunch of short stories, a tell of princess queen. It is inspired by her own experiences. It is about life which the author lives every moment. It is a spectrum of a woman, where readers get various shades and colours of life.
Careless Whispers: A Bouquet of Verses is an echo of soul of the poet, whose words are poured from her heart. It is a manifestation of different flavours of life. Hopefully readers will meet careless whispers of her heart and soul. It is the best example of peace and solace of human heart with various shades.