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Dr. Rinzin Rinzin

Lhuentse, Bhutan


He is aprominent and highly decorated Bhutanese writer, poet and scholar. During his over one and half decades (1997-2013) of public service, he served as a Member of Parliament of the National Council of the Parliament of Bhutan, an Administrator, an Agriculture Scientist and a Lecturer. Since 2013, he has been working as a writer, poet, scholar and a freelance management and serving various national and international honorary posts.
Dr. Rinzin has insatiable thirst for knowledge and spends most of his time studying, writingand travelling. His love for all forms of life on Earth, his heartfelt concern for humanity and his genuine efforts in promoting universal love, compassion, tolerance, justice, equity and friendship are reflected vividly in most of his literary works. His moto in life is “Live, Laugh and Love.”
Early Education
He was initiated as a lay monk at the age of three, and started his education under a local Buddhist acetic. However, due to the inevitability of the teacher, he had to change four teachers and also alternate between learning Buddhist scriptures and herding cattle from the age of six to eight. His mother, a learned Buddhist practitioner was his main teacher and continues to guide him on Buddhist philosophy and practices. In 1978, he became one of the first three children from his village to get enrolled into a formal school with modern system of education.
Formal Education and Qualifications
PhD in Literature (Vidhyavachaspati), Vikramsila University, India;
Master in Business Management with Public Administration (Distinction; Dean’s Excellence Award; Scholastic Award)< University of Canberra, Australia;
Master in Business Administration (Distinction; Scholastic Award), University of Canberra, Australia;
Master in Agriculture Science, University of Melbourne, Australia; and
Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (Cum Laude with President’s Medal for Academic Excellence), Central Luzon State University, Republic of the Philippines.
Awards and Honours
International Peace Ambassador (Golden Icon Peace Ambassador), National Peace Unison (India), Balangir, (2019-   )
HPAW Star of Humanity 2019, Hafrikan Prince Art World, Ghana;
Senator, Chamber of Writers, World Parliament of Literature, World Union of Poets, Italy (2018-);
World Laureate in Literature 2018, World Nations Writers’ Union, Kazakhstan (2018);
Global Literature Guardian Award, Motivational Strips, Oman (2018);
International Icon of Literature, Contemporary Literature Society of Amlor, U.P., India (2018);
World Icon of Literature, International Higher Academic Council of English Literature, India (2018);
Global Peace Leader, International Atrocity Prevention and Human Rights Forum, India (2018);
Ambassador/Administrator, World Institute of Peace, Nigeria (2018-);
Administrator-Bhutan Office, Motivational Strips, Oman (2018-);
Two Felicitations for Academic Excellence from His Majesty the King of Bhutan (2018);
Certificate of Appreciation form Her Majesty the Queen Mother Ashi Tseyring Pem Wangchuckfor being a member of the Organizing Committee of the 11th Golden Youth Award, Youth Development Fund, Bhutan (2018);
Vidyavachaspati (Lord of Speech), Vikramsila University, Bihar, India;
Tathaghat Srijan Saman 20017, Sidhartha Thathagath Sahita Sanstha, Uttar Pradesh, India.
Member, Golden Key International Honour Society, Canberra, Australia (2016);
Nominee for Premchand Fellowship 2015, Sahitya Akademi, New Delhi, India;
Dean’s Award and Scholastic Awards for academic excellence, University of Canberra and Royal Institute of Management (2015 and 2016);
Cum laude and President’s Medal for Academic Excellence, Central Luzon State University, Nueva Ecija, Luzon, Republic of the Philippines (1997);
Model Student of the College of Agriculture 1995-06, Central Luzon State University, Nueva Ecija, Luzon, Republic of the Philippines (1996);
Most Talented Outstanding International Student in the Philippines, Philippines International Friendship Organization (PIFO), Manila, Philippines (1996); and,
About three scores of accolades in literature, particularly in poetry.
Writer, Poet, Scholar and Consultant (since 2013):
Authored and published seven book
Earned three additional academic degrees
Attended various national and international literary events
Served as a Consultant to various national as well as international organizations.
Served as the Lead Consultant and Technical Expert at the Bhutan Obar Associates.
Served as Technical Advisor to various organizations and is serving as one of the Board of Directors of Bhutan Transparency Initiative
Serving various international honorary posts in literature, humanity, peace and so on.
Co-authored the curriculum on Environmental Science for Class IX and X for schools in Bhutan
Served as Guest Speaker in various forums and institutions in-country and in India, including Lovely Professional University and Baghawant University in India.
Member of Parliament (MP,) National Council of Bhutan (2008-13)
Served as an MP in the first democratically elected Parliament of Bhutan
Served as the Chairperson of two Parliamentary Standing Committees, viz. Natural Resources and Environment Committee and Economic Affairs Committee
Was one of the first two MPs to draft and table a Private Members Bill to the Parliament of Bhutan. 
Civil Servant, Ministry of Agriculture, Royal Government of Bhutan (1998-2007)
Served as the Programme Director and Technical Expert of National Feed and Fodder Development Programme, Department of Livestock, MOA);  Focal Point Scientist of Bhutan to SAARC Agriculture Information Centre (SAIC), Dhaka, Bangladesh; Focal Person for Rangeland Management in Bhutan to International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD), Kathmandu, Nepal; Board Member of Beekeepers Association of Bhutan (2004-07); and External Expert for Curriculum Development for College of Natural Resources, and developed two Modules for undergraduate 
Served as Research Program Officer/Sector Head of first Livestock Breeding and Management Sector and later of Feed and Fodder Sector of Renewable Natural Resources Research Centre, Jakar and Technical Advisor to Beekeepers’ Association of Bhutan.
Lecturer, Natural Resources Training Institute (now, College of Natural Resources), Royal University of Bhutan (1997)
Taught Animal Science/Production and Environmental Science to Undergraduate Diploma Students
Publications with Emphasis on Literature:
Dewdrops in the Sun – A Treasury of Poems, an anthology of poems, 2018.
Depa Bondeypa’s Relatives, a novel, 2017.
Pheasant takes the Owl to Court, Illustrated children’s book, 2015.
The Eggs to the Rescue, Illustrated children’s book, 2015.
The Story of the Raven and the Owl, Illustrated children’s book, 2014.
The story of the yak and the buffalo, Illustrated children’s book, 2014.
Talisman of Good Fortune and Other Stories from Rural Bhutan, collection of stories (creative fiction), 2002
Numerous poems and literary articles, particularly poems have been published in various international anthologies, journals and magazines like Complexion Based Discrimination, World Poetry for Let There Be Peace, Traumas on Widows, Amaravati Poetic Prism 2018 and 2018, Influence of Indian Classics on World Literature, The Poetry of South Asia, Forever You, Versatile Verses, The Current, Women’s Lined-up Gliders, Prachya Review and so on.
Authored/co-authored and published over two scores of research papers, training manuals, agriculture extension leaflets, and books.