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Rama Krishna Perugu


Andrapradesh India



Dr.Perugu Ramakrishna is  a prolific writer of 21st century  from Andrapradesh India. He has adopted  a unique universal style in writing. As a thinker and observer of life he gives greater dimensions to burning problems in  society. His poetry books was chosen for many literary awards.perugu continues to experiment with various poetic themes in Global perspective.His poetry Flamingo brought immediate fame and it is centred on the lives of migratory birds.Perugu Ramakrishna's works are centred on mysticism, peace and gender issues and powerful in rendering.


Graduated in English Literature from ,Andhra University ,Vizag
Post Graduate in Public Administration from Osmania University,Hydrabad 
Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Sciences from S V University,Tirupati


                          -  International Poet, Translator,Administrator, Humanitarian

                          -  Published (18)Poetry books, including edited and complied books

                          -  Recipient of Many Awards and commendations with International repute

                          -  Associated with Many organisations globally


Books & Publications


Vennela Jalapaatham

Seetha Santhakalu(six Nellore district poets group poetry anthology)

Nuvvellipoyaka(A long poem on family bondage)

Kathakeli 2003-Edited and compiled un published stories of Nellore writers

Kathakeli 2004-Edited and compiled published stories of Nellore writers

Flamingo-Telugu long poem on Migrated Birds

Flamingo-English long poem on Migrated birds(Translation to original Telugu Poem)

Munjalu-Mini poetry

Flamingo and other Poems -Publisher Monfakira,Kolkotta

Poolammina Vooru-Poetry collection in Telugu by Palapitta Publisher,Hyderabad

Kalyana Sahithya-Edited and compiled marriage blessing poems

Rossette and other poems -Translated poems published by Authors Press ,New Delhi

Pookkalai Vitra Voor- Translated Tamil poems published by Sandhya Publications,Chennai

Udayagiri National Poetry fest Souvenir -Editor and compiler with Poetry,Stories,Papers

           On Environment and Literature theme..

Hrudaya Bandham- Children Literature translation done for National Book Trust of India

Oka parimalabharitha Kaanthi Deepam -Poetry collection with 50 published poems

Love Songs of Chandidas -Translation entrusted by Sahithya Akademi from English to Telugu..


Upcoming books on my poetry:

Kaalam meeda Santhakam- Critical Analysis on my poet by Sowbhagya

M.Phil thesis on my Poetry book "Poolammina Vooru" @Madurai Kamaraj University ..


Editing International Anthology of Young Voces on the Theme "War and Justice"

With Poet Marcella M Villar ,USA,.....besides Hon Advisor and Editororial member for

Several time to time..


Featured Poet: In Albania, Canada, Romania, Japan,USA, in eminent poetry groups..


Membership and Fellowships


Fellow-United Writers Association,Chennai

Fellow in IBRF- International benevolent Research Forum,Nagapur

Life Member-Indian Redcross

Life Member-WAAC-World Academy of Arts and Culture (Recognised By UNESCO

Vice President-South India- InSA-Indian Society of Authors ,New Delhi

General Secretary- Nellore District Writers Association (1998-2009)

Member- Pen India,Kolkotta centre

Member-UPLI-United Poet Laureates International ,USA

Ambassador of WUP-World Union of Poets,Italy


Invited Guest and Poet for scores of UGC Seminars,Sahitya Akademi,Saarc Festival of Literature,

South Asian Poetry Festival,World Congress of Poets by WAAC,and UPLI, and Several Other National/International Events across the globe..


Translated Poetry Published in scores of International and World Anthology collections

Edited by Eminent Poets and published by Prestigious Publishers..And for that

Wonder Book Of International Records recorded as "Widely Published World Poet in 2013"..


Several Interviews of the poet appeared in print media and also in

Doordarshan and All India Radio...


Important Meritorious Awards and Commendable ones of recent days...


About 50 awards and Puraskarams by prestigious organisations in the Country..

Andhra Pradesh State Government Best Poet Award 2008

Excellence in Poetry Award by UPLI in WOrld Congress of Poets at Larissa,Greece 2011

Commendation by 6 District Collectors of Nellore as Outstanding poet

Outstanding Intellectual of 21Century Award by UWA ,Chennai

Outstanding Author of the Decade by United writers Association ,Chennai 2015

Icon of World Peace by World Institute of Peace ,Nigeria 2016

Pulara-7,Pangakor -Medallion Award by Chief Minister of Perak state, Malasia 2016

Platinum Cross for Literature by World Union Of Poets ,Italy 2016


Honorary D Lit conferred in 36Th World Congress of Poets by WAAC and Czech PEN

International event at Prague,Czech Republic in September,2016


Recorded in Asian biography of Authors and several who is who Books..






Time sprouts...

giving an all new vision to the world

and lo keeps flowing like an incessant stream

of sweet redolence!

 She deludes the man I dreamed of

with sacred ablutions

and walks him through the paths of prosperity...

and makes him to rise again

and raise in his voice

 new tones of hope!


Let us become milestones on the paths

we tread and keep walking with hope...

crossing the Autumns

 and reach at last the oceans of love,

where let us discard

the weared down old sin-soiled bodies

and Wear new bodies of pure love

and invite  sweet and aloud a new divine world!






Always those bursting out travails

of  live become my burning muse.

With nectars sipped out of poesy

I try to baptise these lives.

Yes...I learnt from my wise mother,

how to console the woebegone

and my father taught me

how to root my unbending spine

deep into the soil of pain to stand tall in the life!


I am not just a poet with trumpet in hand...

but a warrior of life-battle

who kissed with ardour the lips

of troubled world.


I can't knot myself with the grizzled definition of life.

I can't shake hands with those

inexplicable estrangements I behold around...

I can't tete-a-tete with the muted humaneness...


Well. I start my prayers

before the temple with broken sculptures...

vivify the soul-statues with my poesy ambrosial

and holding an eternal torch of wisdom in hand

I go round awakening the world.




An Odyssey along the Estuary



The river is calling me

painting me with the memories

of body and soul,

walking me in to the human streams,

dipping me pulling me out

and rejuvenating me again and again...

under the raising and falling wave memories..

it's all to bestow her benisons on me ..!


At the estuaries

where the nascent days

meet the incipient nights

and old nights melts into the young day breaks

I entered....


while dipping in to the river ,

not to break in to pieces

I besmeared my self

with the balsam of historical aphorisms

and I sprouted again like the dawning Sun..!


I vouch,

as long as river flows

this talking me

and listening thee

will live..yeah sure live


Yeah.. I have the save feeling

at this blissful estuary,

bringing back the nostalgia

of walking behind my mother

holding tightly her well ironed hand loom  sari...!!