Rajumoni Saikia

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Assam, India.


He writes poem in English, Assamese, Bangla and Hindi language.
He is now a popular writer in Internationaly and in India.
Rajumoni has attended several literary festival and poetry meet organised in National and International level. He was honoured with different National and International level awards as Noble star for Literature 2018, World Icon of peace 2019, World Icon of Literature 2019, Great personality Award 2020, Indology Literary Award 2019, Atmabiswas Literary Award 2019, Sahitya Piyus Literary award for Hindi Literature 2015, Prerona Literary Award for Assamese Literature from Morigaon Disyrict Sahitya sobha, Etc.
Rajumoni can be recognise as
 "noi poriya kobi " of assam . Because he has written many poems on" noi" ,the river.He loves river and  tries to reflect the beauty and the service of river. Mostly he  uses river as a symble of life.
He belongs to Jagi village  , a historical importance place Of Morigaon district of assam.
He was associated with   drama and worked as drama artist and received National level Awards.
He is a teacher in Jagi Higher secondary school of Morigaon district.
He started his writing in the year 1989 when was studying BA in Jagiroad college.
He started his poem writing in assamese. Dr.subhas saha, a famous poet and proffesor inspired him to write. Since he started his writting still pen is not stoped.
His first poetry  book is namely
" moi muk nilam koribo khujisu" ,
His other books are as follows
1. Moi muk nilam koribo khujisu. (Poetry)
2. Kaal baak ( Nibondh book)
3. Medur meghor saa(story book)
4. Dr. Bhupen hazorikar giror sindhut bohu bindu ( an interpretation  and critisism of bhupen hazorika's all songs)
5. Hiren bhattacharyar kobita( a book on critisism of hiren bhatacharya's poems)
6. Nohoy oporiharya অপৰিহাৰ্য kunu kaaru ( poetry)
7. Candid confession( poem in english)
8. Mei onorgol onubad kor sokta hu mera swapna ( poem in hindi)
9.  Hariya opotyakar kobi( a book on poetry critism)
10. Bharali sir ( a book on a great teacher Late Dibakar bharali))
11. Budha gandhi talastoyr puroni koliya ottorxuri( a book on a great teacher Late Krishna Ram Bora)
12. Dowibenika ( edited book )
13. Ananyaborennika ( edited book)
He has completed a course on 'New and Neo Writers' under central hindi Directorate under Govt of India. More over he has completed 'orientation course', in Delhi . Moreover he has completed a course on 'Conservation of cultural heritage in school '' in Hyderabad , India under the Directorate of Centre for cultural research and training, Govt of India.
 Rajumoni was a journalist. Received best journalist award( jointly 3rd) for investigative journalism ,given by a daily news paper Natun Dainik when he was asdociated with journalism.
He was also a correspondent in a Hindi Daily news paper "purbanchal prahari"  in Assam,India.
He is a  ameature drama artist. Participated and awarded in many times in several drama competitions. He received two National level Award as drama personal. Received "Natyashree award" from allahabad natya sangha, India. He received" Natyaratna award" from Repalee of Andhrapradesh , India given by NTRamarao kala porisod and sai kala sravanti.
He represent Assam Govt  to paticipate in National youth festival drama competition in 1995 in Bhopal and in 1996 in kolkotta. He visited to participate in drama competition in almost all the district of Assam.
He was an special "observer" in International drama festival held in cuttuck, odissa in India.
 Rajumoni has completed MA degree from  IDOL under Guwahati university. He is Pravin in hindi. Studid south Indian language .  Completed one year course in mysore, in Kannada Language from southern language centre under central institute of indian languages under Ministry of  Human Resource and Development, Govt of India.
He was also a script writer for tv serial. Already worked for two tv serials, One in assamese language  and another in Hindi Language . He wrote both the screenplay and worked as assistant director .
Rajumoni participated in International poetry festival held in Hyderabad, kolkayta. Islampur,  and Raiganj in India.