Rachid Kara Ahmed

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Doctorat en sciences économiques et politiques
National Director for Turkey
Indo-OIC Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry-IOIC-ICCI

. RACHID KARA AHMED Professor, Poet, Humanist, Ambassador of Peace and Human Rights.
Economy and trade PhD in Economics and Political Science
Worked in companies that have importance in the Turkish market export department: Caglyan kimya and Hazalbiscvit;
I worked for his volunteer organization Peace and international friendship. .
English, Native language Arabic, and Russian.
VITAL INFORMATION: • Manage effective connections for multiple tasks • Project Marketing Strategy • Reformer • Manage brand motivation skills • International Trade Strategy
• Associate Professor, Head of International Relations • Director of the Federation of Islamic Trade Unions of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
• Experience background manager in economic, humanitarian and charitable projects. • Multilingual, with good oral fluency in English, Turkish, Arabic and Russian (mother tongue Arabic and Turkish).
• Has a very strong understanding of the needs of employment in education, culture, economic and human projects, and sustainable economic development
• Has strong experience in economic, industrial, tourism, cultural and humanitarian projects as a project manager for any category of people with experience in leading international trade, economic, industrial, tourism, cultural and Humanitarian Charity and international business events with a strong focus on leading international committees. .
DIPLOMATIC RELATIONS: He has a strong organizational time management and strong management skills. Excellent Pay attention to detail with the ability to work efficiently with a strong focus on getting to do through a multi-tasking experience, "work under extreme pressure." Strong background in economic, humanitarian and diplomatic activities, Promoting peace and Human Protection Rights in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights - the United Nations Implementation and implementation of sustainable development objectives.
Currently working volunteer for international peace. As a volunteer director of economic, educational and social projects throughout humanity
BACKGROUND OF HUMAN INFORMATION: • Head of Humanitarian Projects in Turkey Attorney General Pakt-Polis and citizens together, social welfare and education of commissioners;
• Volunteer project manager;
• Volunteer lawyer;
• Volunteer Attorney General Turkey, Pakt-Polis and citizens together.
• Representative of the Komita Directorate for Peace and Human Rights 202 in Turkey;
• Executive Director, Committee on International Humanitarian Organizations, Egypt's representative for human rights in Turkey;
• Ambassador of Economic and Cultural Affairs;
• Tourism Cooperation. Fafm international goals, Canadian • Syrian Identity;
• Aleppo Dynasty 01/12/1968; Indo-OIC Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry-IOIC-ICCI
• National Director for TURKEY of Indo-OIC-OIC Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OIC-ICICI) • Minister of Peace and Harmony of the World in America;
• Chairman of the World Business Group;
• Ambassador of the Council of Investment Ambassadors and International Cooperation • Investment Ambassador at the International Chamber of Commerce;
• Ambassador of the Arab Union for Development and Enterprise Development in Ankara;
• Ambassador and representative of the Baron Organization in Turkey;
• Ambassador of the Arab International Union in Ankara;
• Coordinator (Peace and Humanity) -Turkey in Ehm / Ai World;
• Ambassador of the Organization for Peace and Peace of the Republic of Indonesia;
• Ambassador of Peace International from the Institute of Education holder of the Doctor of International Peace of Brazil;
• Representative of the voluntary organization SARA Sudan in Turkey • Buyer Import / Local;
• My main tasks are to negotiate with suppliers and customers, develop control controls, track orders, supplies, and explore markets;
• Experience in investments, contracting, manufacturing and development of giant companies;
• Peace Ambassador;
• He works for charities as a volunteer project manager, as a volunteer professor, as well The Blue Crescent liaison officer and the Ambassador of Turkey.
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