Maria Teresa Protopapa

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Gallipoli, Turquía / Reside en Italia


He practices as a doctor at the ASL Lecce, first and second level Master's Degree in Biomedicine at the University of Salento.


Writer, Poetess and Essayist passionate about all forms of written communication; she is the author of a scientific essay entitled "Therapeutic alliance against the evils of time".


Writer of numerous poetic compositions: "Beyond the sky" (Honorable Mention Vitruvius Award 2014), (Selection of words on the run Aletti Editore), Finalist of the Letter Africa contest "Africa calls Onlus" 2014; de "La terra delle pajare " (First Special Selection Veretum Prize 2014); of "Pizzicati dal sole"; of the poem to "Under the fold of the wing of the seagull" (Review Corriere Salentino March 2015 by Alessandra Peluso ); del poe ma "Fragile" (Finalist F ucini Award 2014) Review Corriere Salentino April 2015 by Mariagrazia Toscano Jury and Criticism Award Veretum 2016. She is still the author of the silloge: "What matters" (Review Corriere Salentino 2 November 2015 Mariagrazia Toscano); "Would you be born again" (Review Corriere Salentino December 2015 Mariagrazia toscano); "The verses of love", "I will fly from Africa to the Land of Otranto", "To the cantor of the soul" and the novel entitled "Giuliano Grassi". Second place with the text "Be happy"; Hymn to Joy Section at the Two Seas Literary Competition 2014. Third Classified ex aequo at the Angelo Lippo Competition 2014 .


Mention of Merit City of Etiquette 2016 with the Silloge "I will dress in the wind". Finalist at the International Poetry and Literature Competition "Awakening the words" 2016 with the text "I will fly in the wind" . The attention of international literary magazines such as Cultura Oltre is dedicated to her several times.


Numerous articles in the Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno, Corriere Salentino and Quotidiano di Puglia highlight the constant commitment of the writer and poet in the cultural field, actively lavished through publications of direct and personally organized events aimed at highlighting the culture and literary activities of her land in the international arena.


The poetic compositions of Protopapa are inserted in numerous literary anthologies such as "A moment ... different 2014"; Anthology " Vitulivaria 2017"; Anthology " Veretum 2014-2016"; LCE anthology literary prize contemporary literature 2018 "Mother of tenderness" and "The poet drawer" in the Puglia and Sea magazine Year IV - No. 13 March 2016; A poem for Africa - Anthology in support of the Shalom School of Lusaka (Zambia) July 2014; Proustian Anthology 2018 - published by the literary magazine La Recherche ; his articles were published in July 2018 by the Liburni Literary Magazine - Open Space . The work "Fragile" is cited in Poetry and not Poetry - Literature over the centuries by Rocco Aldo Corina - Edizioni Esperidi.


Finally, the author created an international competition for poetry and literature, Mario Caputo - Maria Domenica Caroli's "De Finibus Terrae " award, which was met with public and critical success. In 2017, the writer opens a new experience , in June the moorings were removed from the Literature and Photography Competition in memory of Dr. Maria Monteduro , on 8 March 2017 the Salento writer was officially declared in the press on "Scientist and Literary Excellence of Puglia "with an article by Francesco Greco, while he even improvises a web tv program entitled" Intervistasalento "always with the aim of lovingly highlighting the socio-cultural resources of his native land. 


On the work table are in the pipeline and being published "The child at the foot of the pomegranate in bloom", "Letter to the Philosopher Rocco Aldo Corina "; treatise on rare diseases first part; "Il Duca di Biancamano " (5-act booklet melodrama for opera); "The Star", dialogue between a poet and a fisherman; the play. On April 24, 2017 in Novoli the Protopapa was honored with the First Prize for Literary Contest " Vitiluvaria " with the text "Jingle between soul and heart and ". Finalist with" flowers S campia "the First Edition Poetry for a Scampia in May 2017. in December 2017 comes out in print with" Alessandra, the gift that saves "and after a week it is declared to the press poet of the Soul . Winner of Athos Lazzari for Italy at the International Prize City of Cattolica with "Cassandra the gift that saves" in 2018 comes out in the press in recent months with "Monologue of a Comet" and consists Canto Notturno of a sad clown. Third place for the Theater section with the "Duke of Biancamano " Navarro International Prize 2018 - Sambuca di Sicilia. Finalist in Unpublished Poetry Section with 6 compositions - National Prize for Contemporary Literature 2018 - Rome. Finalist Section poem religious composition or - III Edition Genesis Literary Prize . Jury member at the Fest ival - City of Gallipoli Poiè - International Literature and Poetry Festival.