Neelam Malik

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Rohtak, India


DOB..23 .01.1972

Dr.Neelam Malik ,Senior Lecturer in English in the Department of Applied Sciences, C.R.Polytechnic ,Rohtak , lndia,has won several lnternatnatinal Awards for her two poetic anthologies.....

Curbing the Menaces


Scintillating Smiles


1...World Icon of Peace by World Institute of Peace...2017

2..Honorary Doctorate Degree from Federative Republic of Brazil by Institute for Educating for Peace(IEP)

3...Honorary Doctorate Degree from Italy by World Union of Poets

4...Fellow of the Regal World of Scribes from Phillipines

5...Hafrican Prince Art World Membership

 6...lndia World Poetry Festival held at Ramoji Film City ...Hyderabad

...The Most Enchanted Muse Award by Phillipines

7....Pride of the Globe by Kazakhastan(WUP)

8...Temirqazyq...The Best Poet __Writer of the World by Writers' Union World Poets...2017.

9...Spiritual Essay Writing Sh.Ramchander Mission in collaboration with  U N 10....Received certificate of motivational mentor.

11.. Honour as peace ambassador from Human Rights Council and Crime Intelligence Forum.

12..Poetic GLaxy Award...The literati cosmos society..2018

Apart from the above she also was the editor of an International Anthology....POETIC RAINBOW.

She is also among the top in "A Galaxy of Distinguished Poets and Emerging Contemporary Voices by Creative Impulse"....An International Journal of English Poetry and Research.

A great motivational Mentor.

Her work has been translated and published in Urdu by Dr.Ayub Khabar eminent poet and critic of Pakistan .

Her literary articles have also been published by various International Platforms in Germany,Belgium,Nigeria,London ,Australia , Canada and Pakistan.