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Mohamed Naceur Belhadj Khlifa

Arab Union
Ambassador of World Peace, Development Coach and Music Counselor Singer, poet and composer: Dr. Mohamed Al-Nasser Belhaj Khalifa was born in the island of Djerba and Aseel city (palaces Alsaf) from Mahdia province in the coast of Tunisia.
- President of the Union of Arab Musicians
    - Studied primary and secondary education in both "Mahdia" and "Palaces Alsav" Division literature.
- Joined the National Institute of Music in the city of "Sousse" and graduated from it in 1995
- Engaged in musical stimulation in the role of education, culture, youth, clubs and kindergartens.
- melody in all musical categories: musicals - earphones - longat - poems and different songs as a tune for children
- He started singing and compositing at an early age and was considered the youngest musical composer in Tunisia in 1989.
- Founded and led several teams, clubs and children's clubs in the state of Mahdia and considered the year 1988 as the youngest coach and musician in Tunisia.
- Founded and led the (Safa) band of music in the Saff Palace and was the first orchestral band in the state and the first professional band with its elements and issued the first album of the song to be composed in 1996.
- Received first prize from the Institut de Musique de Paris in France for his audiovisual research in Mediterranean music in 1994
- Like Tunisia in Germany and presented his work especially in the city of Belon in the years 2002/2004/2006/2008.
- Get the first prize in singing and composing twice in the music festival for youth and culture in Tunisia in 2009 and 2010.
- Tunisia in Algeria in youth music in 2010
- Received honorary doctorate from the Peace Academy (Brazil).
- Obtained (honorary doctorate) from the University of Global Cultural Talents (Canada).
- Received an honorary doctorate from the German International Cultural Center.
- Received an honorary doctorate from the International Institute of Higher Studies (Germany).
- Received an honorary doctorate from the World Union of Human Development Sciences.
- Supervised several musical arbitration committees for courses, festivals and cultural and youth events.
- Member of the Cultural Committee of the World Central Presidency
Ambassador of Peace and goodwill and representative of more than a global organization of peace and human rights.
- Obtained the certificate of a senior coach from the Arab American-European Board and the New Life University for Development.
. (A.P.F.E.T) - Instructor and Music Advisor of the Arab Parliament for Training Experts
- Certified trainer from the academy of change makers for training and development
- Certified Trainer and Musician from the General Federation of Arab Entrepreneurs and Creators (Egypt).
- Certified human development coach and music consultant with ambassadors of excellence and creativity.
- Development Trainer and Music Consultant with the International Union for the Technologies of Organic Medicine and Human Development.
- Honorary member of the Union of Palestinian Trainers.
(WC.E.I.D) - Member of the World Council for Empowerment and Institutional Development
- Honorary member of the Academy of change makers for training and development.
(U.V.C.S) - Member of the Union of Volunteerism and Social Service.
- Member of the training of the project of my skills for change.
) .AFAD - Chairman of the Committee of Culture and Technical Advisor of the Arab Union of Arab Linens
- Obtained the Shield of Peace and Humanitarian Principles from the Euphrates Organization for World Peace.
- Obtained the highest honorary certificate from Al Midan Center for Consulting, Training and Strategic Research.
- Received a certificate of high appreciation from the Egyptian Cultural Center for Training
(M.P.HP - Received the Medal of Peace and Humanitarian Principles)
- Received honorary diploma from the Turkish Union of Martial Arts for the dissemination of the culture of world peace.
- Member of the Euphrates International Peace Organization.
B.H.F - Member of the Great Humanitarian Family for Peace
Ambassador of the Tunisian International Telegram for Peace among Peoples.
I.P.S.H.D - International Parliamentary Parliamentary of Development Scientists
- Consultant of the International Talent Education University (Tunisia).
- Consultant of Music and Art Studies at the Arab Cultural House in India.
 Of the International Blue Crescent Society. FBC at the CBC Group - Ambassador, Leader and Representative of the CBC
- Cultural Advisor, International Union of Arab Writers and Poets (Egypt).
- Deputy Director of the Council of Arab writers, writers and intellectuals (Tunisia).
- Deputy Editor of the Association of Arab Creators and Poets.
- Cultural Ambassador to Hazim Syrian Poetry Magazine (Tunisia).
- Member of the magazine (poetry and music)
- Music Officer of the Arab Nation Without Borders Foundation (Egypt).
- Founding member of the Cultural Association "Taj" branch of "Monastir" (Tunisia)
- Founding member of the National Association of creative lovers in Kairouan (Tunisia)
- Founding member of the Social Takaful Association of the "Palaces des Saves" (Tunisia)
Honorary Member of Liwan Star of Arab Poets (Syria).
- Honorary member of the Union of Palestinian Trainers.
- Member of the World Union of Culture and Arts.
- Member of the Forum of pens and creativity in "Gabes" (Tunisia).
- Member of the Iraqi-Tunisian Cultural House (Tunisia-Iraq).
- Member of the Technical Committee of the Council of Arab writers, writers and intellectuals (Morocco).
- Member of the Moroccan University of Poetry (Morocco).
- Member of the Cultural Creativity Association, House of all Arab Creators (Egypt).
- Member of the literary institution (Egypt).
- Member of the Arab League for Literature and Culture (Iraq).
- Member of the Association of Arab poets and intellectuals (Iraq)
- Member of the Arab Poets Association (Syria)
- Member of the World Gathering of Arab poets (Syria).
- Member of the Forum witnessed literary characters (Syria).
- Member of the International Council of Arts and Letters (Palestine).
- Member of the Artists Without Borders (Palestine).
- Member of the Arab Union