Lily Swarn

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Chandigarh, India


A multilingual Poet , author and Columnist ,

1. won the Reuel International Prize for Poetry 2016 

2.She was recognised by the World Union Of Poets  as Global Poet Encomium Of Peace and Universal Love.

3.World Institute Of Peace conferred the title of Global Icon of Peace on her in Nigeria .

4.Lily has been awarded the Virtuoso Award by Philosophique Poetica

5.Recently conferred with the Elizabeth Barrett Browning   International Award at India World Poetry Festival in recognition of her contribution for World Literature and Promotion of World Peace and for her Legendary contributions in the field of Literature and Poetry .

6.Lily has been   honoured with" An Icon "award by the city administration during the celebrations of 51 years of establishment of Chandigarh .

7.International Diploma by Temirqazyq, the best writer of the world 2017.

8.Poetic Galaxy 2018 award by Literary  Cosmos Society.

9.Sarojini Naidu Award for excellence in Poetic composition and recitation 

10.Awarded Gold Double Cross award for the book ,Complexion Based Discriminations .

11.Lily was awarded the trophy for being Woman Of Substance 

12.Title of Meritorious Poet and Author 2017 by Different Truths

13.The coveted "Frang Bardhi "International Poetry Contest awarded Lily with A Special Award for her exceptional work  

She is member of various International organisations like the Harikan Prince Art World Ghana and Pentasi B World Friendship poetry . She is an administrator of the Regal World of Scribes and of Pentasi B world friendship poetry  

 A post graduate in oEnglish from Panjab University she has taught in the prestigious Sacred Heart College , Dalhousie

A gold medalist  for Best All Around Student from the Government College for Girls Chandigarh, Lily has two University Colours from Panjab University . 

One for Dramatics as 'Best actress ' and the other for excellence in Histrionics.  

She was the editor of the college magazine and also wrote middles for newspapers! She won accolades for recitation of self composed poetry too.

Poetry as passion blossomed after her young son's sudden demise in 2013.  

She writes with a poignant touch in English, Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu .Her weekly columns Cantonment Calling and History  Mystery of Food are highly  popular .

Lily's  poems can  be read in numerous national and International  anthologies .

Her poems have recently been translated into Italian , Spanish , Indonesian, Greek , German ,Urdu, Arabic , Tamil ,Bisayan Philippines and Kazakh language too. .

She is widely read in the internationally famous ,Poem Kubili and The Garden of poetry and prose magazine .

Our Poetry Archive , monthly web journal included her work in the contemporary Poets of Asia edition .Her work has  been recognised as explosive, outstanding and powerful by different  poetry groups and they often turn their spotlight on it .

A featured poet in Pentasi B Friendship poetry ,she has been invited to attend the International poetry meets .Her poetry has also found a place in the e zine ,Incredible Women of India and in the Learning and Creativity Magazine .Lily's prose makes an appearance in the Australia based EZine ,The Mind Creative .Lily Swarn's column "History mystery of Food "is published each Wednesday in the international web magazine Different Truths .com. Her series "Cantonment Calling" in the same magazine won her exceptional readership world wide .  

Her FB page in memory of her late son Gobind Shahbaaz Singh has tremendous following . 'A versatile genius 'is the title she got in her school,Carmel Convent . 

Lily has been a radio show host in North Carolina USA and  anchored prominent stage shows both  in the civil and army arenas due to her proficiency in English , Urdu ,Hindi and Punjabi .Frequently invited as a  guest for her views on the 24hour multilingual radio broadcaster ,Sher e Punjab  radio aired from Vancouver, Lily was recently interviewed by the Red River Radio "Tales from the pages "show in the  United.States .

Married to an army veteran , she lives in Chandigarh, 

You can find her writings in these 

books -

1.Contemporary major women  poets of India 

2.The Virtual Reality 

3.Colours Of Refuge 

A multilingual book whose  proceeds go to refugees 

4.Bouquet of verse 

5.Love poems 

6.Roses and Rhymes 

7..Revista Letrare ATUNIS

Poems translated into Italian 

8.A Galaxy of Distinguished Poets  and Emerging Contemporary Voices 

9.Regular column for web magazine Different Truths read

 all over the world

10.A Trellis of Ecstasy applauded by India Today and the Chief Minister Punjab 

11.Lilies of the Valley , a book of essays highly appreciated by President of Writers International Network Canada 

12.Symphony of Peace 


14.Atunis Galaxy Anthology 2018. An anthology of contemporary world poetry 

15.Complexion based discriminations 

16.Plant Poetry 


Lily was co host of the  international Malay Artistic poetry and cultural festival in Singapore and was awarded for it .

.18.Invited to conference against Racial Discrimination in Mathura by Literati  Council as speaker and was awarded Poetic Galaxy 2018 award .

19.Invited to Ghana for a peace conference in September as speaker land an awardee.

Invited as Guest of Honour at Indian Poetic Confluence ,Hyderabad . She will be  awarded the Most Outstanding Poet of the World award .