Krishna Chamling

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was born in Nepal, in the remote Eastern part of countryside, Chipring Village Development Committee – 6, Khotang, Diktel, in April 1972. He hailed down to the capital city, Kathmandu in his childhood for his studies. And he has been living there ever since, as a lecture in English department of Literature in private academic Institutions.


He saw and experienced many topsy-turvy and trials and tribulation of human sufferings throughout his life like in Asian subcontinents, the Middle East, African sub-Saharan continent to Europe; those of the subaltern and street people. As he has visited many countries in the past, there he has seen and felt about the violation of human rights mostly in the underdeveloped countries, watched very closely.


These social issues of anxiety and aspiration, disorder and discrepancy, love and peace, social unjust and tragedy, and the socio-political mayhem of war and its consequences are the main themes in his works of poetic genre. Through his poetry, he wants to create and cater some kind of consciousness and hope in reader’s mind and in public sphere for better understanding with optimistic future of this world.