Khaled Khudayda Hussein Suleiman

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Member of the General Union of Writers and Writers in Iraq

Member of the International Parliament of Human Development Scientists

Member of the Organization of the Blue Crescent and the Blue Cross

Delegate of the International Cultural Talents University in Germany

Director of the Office of the International Federation of Arab Press

Founder of the Cultural House in Senoni

... Honorary Doctor of International Talents University

Honorary Doctorate from the Supreme Council of Palestinian Media

Honorary doctorate from the German Cultural Center

Honorary Doctor of the Union of Middle Eastern Organizations of Rights and Freedoms in France

1 - I released a child lover in the year 2004 group Cyrus

2 - in my heart Remains of the year 2005 a poetic collection

3 - The sanctity of nature in the Yazdi thought

4 - Sinjar spring of the mother and grief in 2010 poetry collection

5 - Ashes and Sorrows Year 2011 Poetry Collection

6-CD Hair Year 2012 Hair Collection

7 - an electronic poetry court entitled "Home for Rent" in 2014

8. Have no dreams but a common poetry book published in Israel

9 - South of the land of tender poetry common book issued in Lebanon

10 - Poetry book for a group of poets Shankal issued in Kurdistan Iraq

11 - Encyclopedia poets connector .. Encyclopaedia of more than 300 poet and poet of the conductor.

12 - divine women a joint book of international poets .. Serbia