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Jeton  Kelmendi

Pec, Yugoslavia


Born in 1978, is a journalist, poet, translator, Albanian political analyst and university professor.

He has written poetry, prose, essays and stories, he also regularly collaborates in newspapers in Albania and abroad, where he writes about international cultural and political issues.

He became famous in Kosovo, after the publication of his first book entitled: The Promise (Shekulli i premtimeve), published in 1999. He later published several more books.

His poems have been translated into more than twenty-two languages ​​and have been published in international literary anthologies. He is one of the most translated Albanian poets in the world.

According to a series of literary critics, Kelmendi is the true representative of modern Albanian poetry. He is considered by the great Albanian novelist Ismail Kadare - nominated for several years for the Nobel Prize in Literature -. Jeton Kelmendi has some poems dedicated to important Albanian personalities such as Mother Teresa (Living Beyond Herself) and Ibrahim Rugova (The Winter of Great Despair).