Irannii Saikia

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Assam, India
Poetess Ms Irannii Saikia/Irannii Rani Saikia is a teacher professionally.
Living a simple life poetry is her passion. As a poetess she like to bring all existing circumstances of truth and peace.
She is a very emotional poetess, so her pen bows down in any paper about nature, about love and love desire, loneliness of elders or youngsters or about senior citizens. She written lots of poems about the topic of mysterious earth and humanitarious indeed.
She always stand for right and like to choose the way of truth.
Generally her poems were published in various magazines of Assam and her maximum poems were published in
 ' Galaktika Poetike ATUNIS '
which is an  " International world famous online magazine ". 
Accordingly her poems were published in international poetry Anthology such as "Amaravati Poetic Prism 2016 -International Multilingual Poetry Anthology ",
"Women Wit & Wisdom - International Multilingual Poetry Anthology of Women Poets 2017 ",
Petals Of Peace - An Anthology Of Poems On Love and Peace ",
" Hejar Kabir Xopoon - An International Poetry Anthology "
Esteem poetess Irannii Saikia's poems were translated in Greek language by 
" Honourable author, translator, world renowned poetess KAPARDELI EFTICHIA, who is a founder o
And also her two famous poems were translated in Italian language by
" Honourable world peace ICON, poetess, author ELOISA GATTUSO "
Who is a founder of " GUARDIANS -
Defese directives ( Direttive per la digest )
Recently her a poem is on the way of published in Pictorial Poetry by 
" Honourable Multilingual poet SETHI KRISHAN CHAND "
Thanking to you Sir/Madam
With Best Regards
@ Irannii Saikia/
@ Irannii Rani Saikia