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Hamdi Meça

Kruja, Albania


Poet, prose writer, essayist, scholar. A multilevel author of academic nature in creativity,

Hamdi Meça is appreciated at home and abroad, he is a winner of prizes, medals, honorary titles and diplomas, and he was elected on various international cultural boards.


His poetry, considered to be very original, with details and unusual figurative perspectives. His literary and educational work for children and young people can only be measured against that of Dr. Seuss. His poems have been translated into several languages and distributed to different parts of the world.


He was born on September 6, 1952, in the famous Albanian city of Kruja. He has an MS in Albanian Language and Literature from the University of Shkodra. Besides, he has been qualified and certified in humanities, psychology, linguistics, public administration, and tourism. He worked mainly as a professor of literature (1975-1995). During the period 1995-2008 he served as an administration employee at the Municipality of Kruja. He is currently a freelance writer living in Tirana.


The Albanian Family ‘MEÇA,' which he belongs to, was awarded the highest State title ‘Honour of Nation’ by the former President of the Republic of Albania, Mr. Bujar Nishani in 2017. Also, years ago, in gratitude to the people of Albania for what they did to save the Jews from Nazi extermination, Israel awarded his grandparents Suleiman and Zenepe Meça the medal ‘Righteous Among the Nations’. In addition, in 1992, the Tel Aviv Municipality awarded their nephew, the poet and writer Hamdi Meça, the title of ‘Honorary Citizen.’


Nowadays the author is holding the title ‘Ambassador of Peace’ (in Ghana, Tunisia, Ireland, Albania...).



‘Hamdi Meça, a great poet of our times. An European and international poet ... lyric, innovative, classic ... In the 21st century he is poetry itself.’ (~R. Pollard, Greece).

The American ‘Wildfire Magazine’ chose him the Poet of March, 2018.

The Romanian literary magazine ‘The Poet’s Land’ ranked him number 55, among 144 classic and modern poets of all times.

Africa's High Peace Institute awarded him in 2018 the international prize ‘World Icon of Peace’.