Muhammad Azram

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Haripur, Pakistan



Poet, Author and translator Muhammad Azram hails from the beautiful Pakistani city of Haripur. Muhammad Azram is an autodidact, and a self-styled philosopher. A Multi-Awarded Poet conferred with many international Awards and literary honors by various International Literary Organizations. Muhammad Azram’s literary work and solo books continue to be publish more widely and his poems reside in numerous International Anthologies and International Magazines of acclaim. Muhammad Azram’s literary work has been translated into Spanish, French, Serbian, Arabic and many other International languages and published in prestigious books and magazines reaching across the world to sing offerings from a heart of unity that wishes to realize world peace for all humanity. 

Muhammad Azram’s poetry rises into vastness with no formal institutional background within Art and Literature, yet he lands firmly and also regularly soars with his soul’s vast and natural experiences that lifts as the lofty terrains; touching to swell an intuitive and familial affiliation within the arts and literature. Using Art and Literature Muhammad Azram not only explore new horizons of imaginations lie beyond the intricate composition of Time, Space, and Life, but his philosophy travels among many worlds’ known and unknown to consciousness and imaginations. He considers life in the Uniqueness of events that may look the same, but always different from each other: There is nothing alike yet all is same, there is little known yet most about life is unknown and undiscovered. Considering his extreme conscious approach, unique style and composite philosophy about life and existence, critics listed him among the greatest writers of all time like of Virginia Wolf, James Joyce and many more. 

Muhammad Azram not only cracks complex philosophies of known and unknown, he further cultivates his zest throughout his flowing ideas and thoughts into ever fertile soils of poetry, seeking to feel so deeply to connect within life’s inner dialogues and monologues that find way within grace of Love and Natural tendencies blooming through soulful reflection. Within simplistic and inimitable style, he also endeavors to surmount life’s challenges that lives freely within openings of universal philosophies to far ascend upon new found heights; meeting inner-bliss.