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Ashok Chakravarthy Tholana

Telangana, INDIA


Ashok Chakravarthy Tholana is a poet and review writer, hailing from Hyderabad City, Telangana State, INDIA. Composing poetry for the past 25 years, Ashok has the rare distinction of 1500 of his poems getting selected for publication in various literary magazines, newspapers, journals, e-zines, anthologies etc. in no less than 90 countries in the world.


Mr. Ashok is conferred with several prestigious awards, including Doctor of Literature (UNESCO) and Doctor of Letters (Honoris Causa, UNO) and quite a lot of laurels & commendations for his poetry contributions to promote Universal Peace, World Brotherhood, Environment Consciousness, Protection of Nature, Safeguarding Children’s Rights etc. His poem “Plant More Trees” for United Nations ‘Billion Tree Campaign’ was the only Indian poem among the 9 poem-songs selected and set to tune by Md. Iqbal Behleem, noted Pakistani music director (Star Light Music Inc., USA).  The CD was released by “Association Pour la Terra”, France and Ashok’s poem-song received wide international acclaim from several schools across the world. Mr. Ashok was one of the few international acclaimed peace poets who was designated with the title, ‘Universal Peace Ambassador’.  Mr. Ashok was one of the 8 world poets who received rare laurels from the Malaysian Government and was conferred with the prestigious ‘Medallion Pulara’ in recognition to his contribution for ‘world peace through poetry’. His poem titled, THE WORLD NEEDS PEACE” was chosen as one of the best 12 poems during 2016 and published in a special issue brought out to mark the Formosa Poetry Festival, Taiwan, titled, “Literature of the Saline Land”. That apart, Mr. Ashok’s name was recently proposed for the Highly Revered, Republic of Venezuela’s (South America) “Merito Al Trabajo” 2017 award. He happens to be the first Indian to be recorded in the annals of Venezuela’ history to be conferred with the highly acclaimed distinction. Another poem, A REAL CONCERN, became part of study material for Class-X students in Kendriya Vidyalaya Sanghatan, which has 850 schools in India, Moscow and Kathmandu. That apart, Mr. Ashok’s poems have been translated into 15 international languages.  His personal page is available for more information at :


For his unique poetry record, Mr. Ashok received commendations from Shri Atal Behari Vajpayee, former-PM, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, former-President, India, Bill Clinton, USA, Queen Elizabeth of Britain, Princess of Wales, President and Prime Minister of France, Prime Minister of Switzerland, Senator Viktor Busa, The Lord President, Italy, United Nationals Organization, UNESCO, UNICEF etc.


As of now, six out of Ashok’s 18 volumes of English poetry have been published. And, 13 spiritual-related books have been translated by him from Telugu to English language. 


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Pleasing at times

Painful at times

Tired at times

Tireless at times

Playful at times

Pricking at times

Stirring at times

Stumbling at times

Tragic at times

Tuneful at times

Sulking at times

Surging at times

Provocative at times

Peaceful at times

Time; at all times

You tempt and tame life

But always impart us

Something useful

For the future times.




Childhood is an ever-active trance

Often appears in memories glance;

It’s a most cherishing phase in life

Parental love bothers, to crush grief.


Quickly from the lap of fondling parents

Passing years snatch with teen-age tempts,

The sprouts of wit lean towards desires,

Childhood eclipses by ever-new glitters.


Caught in the tide of worldly fascinations

Vying to swim the whirls of imaginations,

The shroud of confusion and uncertainty,

Awakens the element of inner-self maturity.



A phase of a new transformation begins

The youthful phase tries to hold, but in vain;

The unfading quest for riches and luxuries

Implant a wave of emotions and worries.


As age advances, realization dawns in deep heart

The eye of wisdom awakens and peeps into past;

Wavering desires, since deprive life’s real bliss

Hunt it down; lest, ‘just leading life’ is pointless.




Dr. T. Ashok Chakravarthy