Alma Delić Halar Tijanić

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Sunbathed, Republic of Yugoslavia


I started howling in touch with a new environment, not knowing of how much that howl would predict all of my next cries and the pains that would come to me.


I write and publish under my other name, Huria Dzenet_Alma (Houri of Jannah). It's a memory of my grandmother who used to comb me and called me that name, singing an old folk song.


I lived in the former Yugoslav republics / Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia /, and since the war in our country I live in the newly born country -Croatia.


I grew up with my grand mom, because my mom and dad were engineers, and often absent. Dad always tried to compensate for his absence, whenever he had free time. He would take me for walks, make up various games, we were going to sport events, to cinema ... Mom, when she was coming home, a lot of work was waiting for her  so I always missed her. Maybe, this made me start with art, in art I was in my own world.


I was a gifted child. Long before starting school, I learned letters; I began reading early and become a lover of written words


Since then, I use every moment to read. Writing of my adventures with the neighbourhood children, popped up by itself. 


From the elementary school I was always  involved with some writers associations. I like to draw, as well; I was the youngest member of the Association of Artists of Yugoslavia. I'm also in the photographing. I played the accordion. It was an instrument of joy for me, at the time. Some tragedies that happened later distracted me from playing, but I wrote and draw more and more.


Every kind of art connects people. Painter paints our smile with his colours. The musician composes the peace with his notes, and the singer, with his voice, the joy brings. The writer touches the secret chambers of the heart with his words, and carries us through dreams and desires. .. h.dž_Alma ..:)> 


By profession I am an Electrical Engineer and a Trade Manager. I like to write engaged poetry. The injustice is touching my every nerve; I want people to live in love all over the planet, to wake up and act against the evil that many nations suffer. 


I am a member of several associations of writers. In some I participated by establishing some of them. I write my own collections and I am in a participant in a lot of common collections and international anthologies.


Special joy is the international collection "Stihom govorim" (“I speak in rimes”), which we published for 5 years in a row and ended with the collection 5+.


I write children's songs, love songs and stories. I started a novel; the circumstances will tell when I'm finishing it. Haiku, waku (tanka) are my primary school deserts; I made a collection with several colleagues and made participation in Montenegro Haiku anthology. I like helping, so I helped to many in the correction and proofreading of their lyrics, and I am happy that they made successful poets.
My songs are printed in various magazines. Many of my colleagues from abroad are translating my songs into their languages, because as they say: they "felt something". I love when people who do not write come to me, at the encounters of the poets, congratulating.